Dive in.

Flightless Bird Creative is a Chicago-based full-service creative film and video production company.

We fuse everything you know and love about a traditional production company with the vision of a creative agency.

We have a roster of world-class heads of departments in-house, supervising and directing every step of the process through distribution while tapping into a close-knit network of immensely talented crew.

The process begins wherever you need it to begin.

You Have a Script

Bring it to us; we’ll make it a reality.

You Have a Concept

Bring it to us. Our team of writers will collaborate with you until we have a script, and then a finished film that you love.

You Have a Desire

Have an undefined desire to make a commercial or branded film but unsure where to start? Bring it to us; we’ll build it from the ground up.

Full Service

Once we have a script, we handle everything, from casting to location managing, from craft services to hair and makeup, and from production design to lighting and grip, keeping in constant communication with you to incorporate your specific needs and wants throughout the process.